GOLED: LED lighting Services and Products

Showroom: Via Teodoro Mommsen, 27-29
00179 Roma RM

Mobile Phone: +39 06 7839 3413


Fill this module if you want to design, create or provide LED lighting systems for houses, companies, offices, shops, sport facilities, events, or ask for informations on our products. You will be contacted as soon as possible

    What customers say about us and our services (you can see other reviews on our GOOGLE page):

    Everything perfect! Professionalism, kindness and liking! I recommend it! The after sales technical support is excellent.

    Emiliano M.

    Well-stocked company both for the public and for the installers Highly trained staff both from a technical and design point of view. Products are excellent and also cheaper than the most famous stores

    Giampiero D.