Our vision in the field of LED lighting for architecture is the customized design: finding through our products and projects, innovative and customized solutions to create a harmony between light, area and people who live there

The proposed solutions fit into the architectural elements thanks to their functional and emotional design: LED light cuts for walls, ceilings and floors, grooves, veils and light shelves.

LED lighting and design

Thanks to our experience in architectural LED lighting we can provide both the components and complete internal and external solutions assisted by our partners. All GOLED products for architecture are characterized by high quality of light, high luminous efficiency and they are all compatible with modern automation systems


Design, create and provide LED lighting system for home, companies, offices, shops, historic buildings, municipal administrations, sport facilities, events, exhibitions not only to illuminate but also to better communicate a product, an artwork or to transmit a sensory experience


LED technology, in terms of low heat emission and of small size of the light source, opens new horizons for the realization of design lamps GOLED architects and light designers consider the requests of an increasingly demanding clientele attentive to technological innovations and eco-sustainability, translating them into very subtle and stylized lighting fixtures, into harmonious lighting curves, into design lamps which use materials such as wood or plastic, once irreconcilable with heat sources associated with light
A light which is now possible to touch and with which it’s easier to interact

LED design


After an informative session with the client, our team of architects and designers will present a graphic and technical project with the related proposals and solutions

LED prototypes


When an existing product does not satisfy customer’s needs we create it, starting from the prototyping to the creation

LED installation


Hundreds companies and houses installed our products and took advantage of our advice, we have agreements with them whereby we can offer our customers, in addition to the individual products, also the installation and the maintenance service

We collaborate with the best professionals in the sector for the realization of interior and set-up projects

Architects, Designers, Master Craftsmen for modeling wood and plasterboard, thanks to which a bookcase, a column or a beam take shape and become a luminous elements. For example the plaster LED wall lights and the aluminum profiles for LED light cuts, with which ceilings and walls abandon their linearity and become the canvas on which to paint shapes and colors.
Lines of light that chase and intersect as if by magic

architects, collaborators of LED projects


GOLED offers the support to Design Schools students sharing his knowledge and skills resulting from years of research and experience to discover new talents, to develop new projects and new design products.

During the years GOLED has acquired the right experience to direct the production of equipments and lighting system, being side by side with technical and technological innovations of this expanding market

The third millennium has seen LED technology rise and grow as an alternative light source to the traditional systems, whose energy saving features combined with low heat production and a life equal to 10 times the traditional systems have made this technology so important on the lighting market that it has become the main reference.


Let us guide you in the creation of your new LED lighting system


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Everything perfect! Professionalism, kindness and liking! I recommend it! The after sales technical support is excellent.

Emiliano M.

Well-stocked company both for the public and for the installers Highly trained staff both from a technical and design point of view. Products are excellent and also cheaper than the most famous stores

Giampiero D.