Goled takes care of LED lighting for home, creating the most suitable light for every room, to create an atmosphere, to give contrast and highlights, in order to customize every room with a personal character We create internal LED lighting and external LED lighting, because every house, regardless of the surface, has got a story to tell and values to put in the right light.


Goled is the synonymous with aesthetics for the interior and exterior of your home, that is why we bring customized LED lighting in every ambient, giving birth to light creations, designed specifically for each room and space.

Our innovative systems and products for home LED lighting, allow us to vary the quality of light, essential for any home environment, not only giving much value to each room, but also creating bright scenographies and customized solutions, because light is a big, true, and unique emotion when you know how to turn it on. lighting up your home with LED lights has many advantages, both in terms of duration and of energy and economic savings. With us, you can still invest in light and build systems of maximum flexibility.


Light is magic, light is a word, light is a thought: we can love, read, rest and be together with our family and friends, under the same light…


Here at Goled, we design and build the best internal LED lighting solutions, enhancing your most important ambient, not only a simple home!

A home is a space, and in this space you can marvel every day if you look at it with the right light, able to truly amaze you and your guests in every occasion. For this reason we consider fundamental the internal LED lighting, which in addition to reveal, it also emphasize each ambient. We are the evolution that, besides granting you the maximum comfort and visual well-being, it grant you the energetic efficiency, which is essential for better living in any home ambient.


Creating suggestive environments with external LED lighting is our true art. Our installation, in addition to emphasize the design, they are made to withstand bad weather and they are always eco friendly.

To emphasize your garden, your gallery, your terrace, your swimming pool, choose the guarantee of a safe and efficient lighting, such as the LED lighting which emphasizes particulars and creates that dreamy atmosphere you have always wanted. All of ours product for external LED lighting are the best solution for every need and to improve the value of your house. We provide you the best compact design elements able to integrate in any private context.


Let our experience guide you and choose your home led system.


What customers say about us and our services (you can see other reviews on our GOOGLE page):

Kind and professional staff. They pay attention to the customer and they always provide the right solution. Excellent materials and components, affordable prices. If you are looking for a point of reference for led lighting, they are the best

Lorenzo C.

They have skills in the field of led lighting with high quality materials and solutions. They are specialized also in home automation and flicker-less dimmerable system.

Fabio M.